Beyond: Two Souls Looks To Add More Star Power

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Beyond: Two Souls Looks To Add More Star Power

For those who aren't yet convinced that video games aren't an art form, there's one thing that might fill the bill. There's word out there that Beyond: Two Souls is looking to add another fairly big name in voice acting, specifically, Willem Dafoe.

Dafoe, who is probably most recognizable as Norman Osborn in the Spider-Man series, is apparently in talks to play an as yet undetermined role. Naturally, Sony wasn't talking about just what was going to happen with this one--when asked by the folks at Joystiq, Sony said that they didn't comment on rumors--so the exact nature of Dafoe's involvement in the game is as yet unknown, and may never come to light.

Still though, between this and earlier reports that Ellen Page was looking to come onboard, it gives the video game industry a little extra note of gravitas. Naturally, this isn't the first time that big name--or at least fairly big name--actors have appeared in video games. Mark Hamill routinely voices The Joker these days in what may well be the second best Joker of all time, aside from Heath Ledger. Also, Ron Perlman has been insisting that war...war never changes for the last two installments of Fallout, both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. Hopefully he'll continue to do so and in rapid fashion, because new Elder Scrolls has been exciting, but new Fallout would be every bit as good.

Still though, the clear winner here is the video game industry, which is rapidly drawing steadily bigger names with every passing title. That and, of course, the gamers who find their pastime gaining a lot more credibility than it ever had before.
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