Halo 4 Brings Back An Old Friend--Or An Old Disappointment

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Halo 4 Brings Back An Old Friend--Or An Old Disappointment

Halo 4, which made its grand appearance out at E3 not too long ago, just got a little bit of extra information released about it. The news is not good for those who were hoping for more civility in gaming, but for those who were longing for the ultimate expression of pwning noobs, then your wait is over.

Yes, once again, the gentle art of teabagging has returned to Halo, as Halo 4 lets Master Chief once again squat repeatedly over defeated foes, as too will anyone else who defeats an enemy. But it's actually somewhat different than it's been in previous installments.

343 now refers to the practice as "victory crouching", but in perhaps the strangest measure, players will actually have the option to turn it off should they find the practice distasteful. So while everyone will be able to teabag--er, I mean, "victory crouch"--their opponents, all of said opponents will have the option to not witness the act.

Also set to come back is the Needler weapon, which is a fairly exciting development in its own right, certainly much more exciting than the option to repetitively crouch over vanquished foes.

I think we were all beginning to hope for more civility in gaming, so seeing this development isn't exactly a great hope. But then again, having the option to disable said development at the source is a thrilling option--with the gaming trolls cut off from their relevant food supply, people's reactions, the practice may die out on its own, and that's a development that should be deeply, deeply welcomed by many gamers.

Halo 4 is expected to launch November 6 for the Xbox 360.
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