Lingerie Football League Game May Hit Shelves, Eventually

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Lingerie Football League Game May Hit Shelves, Eventually

You may not be familiar with this brand name already--or at least, you may not want to admit to being familiar with this brand name already--but for those of you who are, the LFL--the Lingerie Football League--may be making its way to game systems across the United States and beyond.

The current word says that YUKEs, a Japanese developer, has picked up the license to the Lingerie Football League. YUKEs has previously handled some major sports titles like WWE 12 and Undisputed 3, so there's no cause for alarm that a shady lesser developer is going to get claws into this franchise.

In fact, YUKEs' stated goal with this venture is to capture "the essence of the intensity, speed, beauty and on the field action of LFL football", so it sounds about as credible as it can get.

Of course, some might think the concept of a Lingerie Football League video game will wind up as Dead Or Alive: Extreme Beach Football--the jokes I could make about physics on this front are myriad and a little unnerving--but considering the previous record that YUKEs brings to the proceedings, it's a fair bet that, while skin will indeed be visible, it won't be gratuitous. At least not more gratuitous than the concept itself demands.

As to a release date for the Lingerie Football League game, well, there's not one of those out so far. Though it's a fair bet that it will make its way to shelves at some point, it's likely going to be an object of at least some controversy when it actually makes its play.
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