Mass Effect's Next DLC Said To Involve Leviathan

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Mass Effect's Next DLC Said To Involve Leviathan

After just yesterday encountering the newest downloadable content for Skyrim--which, by the way, is every bit as impressive as I'd hoped it would be--it seems another major franchise isn't planning to be counted out. Word is starting to circulate about the next installment of downloadable content, this time for Mass Effect 3. The title in question is said to be called Leviathan, and the plot on it is nothing short of amazing.

Leviathan is rumored to be around a rogue Reaper who manages to spend the better part of a decade indoctrinating a Batarian colony. Naturally, Shepard doesn't much care for this, and as such, will set out to put paid to the rogue Reaper and recover the Batarian colony.

Of course, considering the ending of Mass Effect 3, which for the most part people absolutely despised--me included--it will remain to be seen just how many people will be interested in playing more of a game that already ended terribly. But for those who want to see a little more of Mass Effect 3's universe, they may well get their chance.

Of course, these reports are all as yet unconfirmed, based on the analysis of the Bioware Social Network checking out the Mass Effect Extended Cut DLC and discovering the existence of a file contained therein that referred to Leviathan. But it may well be that that's what we'll see with the next round of DLC.

It's going to be a tough row for this one to hoe, I'd say, but hopefully, they can manage to keep their fan base coming back for some exciting new DLC Mass Effect action.
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