Microsoft's More Of The Same E3 Event

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Microsoft's More Of The Same E3 Event

It's E3. And that's the time when all the newest games and all the newest hardware modifications and whatnot make their grand debut. And this afternoon, I was watching the Microsoft event live, via the glory that is streaming video. And while for the most part I wasn't unhappy with what I saw, there was nothing particularly impressive about it either.

Microsoft showed off some less than spectacular fare, some refinements for their Bing-based entertainment center system (which is terrific and all, but so much of what would be free if it were accessed via PC suddenly costs just because you plan to go through Xbox), a tablet-based system called SmartGlass that was reasonably interesting in its own right, and of course, a slew of games.

While many gamers will find something enjoyable in the stack that Microsoft showed off--EA's lineup was predictably heavy on the sports games involving numbers like FIFA 13 and Madden 13--me, I wasn't blown away. Sure, Splinter Cell: Blacklist had a lot going for it, but I never much cared for the Splinter Cell lineup to begin with. And Halo 4 definitely impressed, but I can do without Halo games. Gears of War: Judgment was great if you liked that sort of thing...again, which I never did.

And sure, some of the sequel games looked pretty sweet in their own right; Resident Evil 6 makes me a happy gamer, and it looks to be head and shoulders above Operation: Raccoon City, which I found disappointing. But Resident Evil 6 has my attention. And I have to admit I'm looking forward to South Park: The Stick Of Truth, as it really does look like a particularly big episode of South Park. I've always enjoyed South Park, so that's good enough by me.

If it weren't for the South Park game, there would have been almost nothing of note that wasn't some kind of sequel. And that's strange, as far as I'm concerned. Naturally, it's just the first day of E3, so who knows what trailers will launch between now and the end of E3 is just waiting for us to see. But unless something changes, there won't be a whole lot to get excited about.
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