Resident Evil 6 Drops Huge New Gameplay Video

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Resident Evil 6 Drops Huge New Gameplay Video

For those of you hoping the Resident Evil series could redeem itself following the disastrous outing that was Resident Evil 5--not to mention the godawful slop that was Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City--Resident Evil 6 is looking pretty sweet indeed. At least, that's the story provided by the recent new gameplay video that emerged around the title.

The gameplay video in question is almost 19 minutes in length, giving users a prime opportunity to get caught up with everybody's favorite Raccoon City police officer turned kind-of mercenary, Leon S. Kennedy. Considering the video kicks off with Leon putting a bullet in the head of a very famous personage turned zombie, you know we're going to be in for one amazing ride.

Indeed, the video showed off some very impressive moves, with Leon taking on a host of zombies in a parking garage, before eventually discovering that the zombie problem was much more widespread than he expected it to be. It was a terrific look, and frankly, I'm hopeful that this new version, with some new inventory management systems and the like, can keep this momentum up and be just as much fun to play as it was to watch.

I'm a little distressed by the setup, however, with Leon blocking large parts of the action by his position on screen, but from the look of things that didn't pose so much of a problem as may be expected. If that turns out to be the case in the full game, then so much the better. But if it turns out to be a problem, well, at least I saw it coming.

Still though, the full version of Resident Evil 6 will be coming to stores October 2, just in time for Halloween fun, and hopefully, we'll have plenty of Halloween fun to go around.
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