Rifftrax Branches Out into Video Games

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Rifftrax Branches Out into Video Games

For those familiar with the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew, and the downright tragedy that was their final few seasons, you may already be familiar with Rifftrax, the clever end-run they pulled around the copyright system. Now, they've expanded the Rifftrax system to, of all things, video games.

Rifftrax was a system that allowed the guys behind it to make fun of modern films in the grandest MST3K tradition by, instead of watching a movie and mocking it, releasing  separate MP3 files to be played on a completely different device in tandem with the movie itself. The effect worked very well indeed, but then, they discovered the video game market, and promptly went to town.

A montage of titles tackled included something from the Mega Man franchise, specifically Mega Man 8, (today's special episode: Mega Man hits a wino with his car), a bit of Final Fantasy X, some of Sonic's horrendous new game, and more besides. Developed in conjunction with the crew out at Joystiq, the combination managed to hit just ahead of the E3 event, which is why we're taking a look at this one now.

It's a clever idea in no uncertain terms, and it's great to see the MST3K guys back for more fun. About the only way it could get much better is if they actually developed a game themselves, maybe a little something set on the Satellite of Love.

Of course, that's sort of a long shot to say the list, but getting Mike--or Joel, for that matter--Crow and Tom Servo (I'd even take Gypsy and Cambot at this point!) back in the game, especially in games, would be a welcome treat indeed.

You can catch the resulting video out at YouTube, so settle in and enjoy!
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