Skyrim: Dawnguard Lands Tomorrow--Are You Ready?

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Skyrim: Dawnguard Lands Tomorrow--Are You Ready?

This is the first time that I've been excited for downloadable content to hit since, well, probably since Lonesome Road. One thing's for sure, the Bethesda lineup has spoiled me rotten, and waiting for Dawnguard has been a long, strange trip that will finally end tomorrow.

My Microsoft Points are ready to go, there's a case of Pepsi cooling in the fridge, and I am ready, folks. More than ready to take on the newest adventure in the Elder Scrolls saga.

Today is a little bit different from the ordinary, as I give you a bit of a history lesson. Way back in the depths of the early 2000s, I had an Xbox. Original Xbox, complete with that whopping great XBOX HUEG controller that everyone complained about, but I never saw a problem with. See, I had big hands. A lot bigger than most people's really. That left me uniquely well-placed to enjoy that huge controller.

Anyway, it was in the depths of that early 2000s period, when I was about to graduate college, that I discovered Morrowind. It was utterly unlike any game I had ever played, with opportunities around every corner, and in every drawer. I could play the game as intended, I could branch off into dozens of side quests, I could do things the game never even imagined. I spent a whole weekend killing every NPC that lived in a town, the guards last, on the strength of maxed out sneak skills and enchanted chameleon armor. I built a fortress entirely out of pilfered bedroom pillows. Then the expansions came out...the frozen waste of Solstheim. of of magic. I walked around with a soul gem containing the soul of Vivec himself. No one believed me when I told them I killed their god.

It was utterly lunatic, and utterly delightful. Then I saw them build on it. I saw them release Fallout 3, and eventually, Fallout: New Vegas. No other game was quite as good as the incredibly detailed RPGs that Bethesda was putting out, and that's had me on edge pretty much since early January, when I finally finished the run-through for Skyrim proper. I was Arch-Mage, Harbinger, Dragonborn....I had killed the Dark Brotherhood and struck a blow for law and order in Skyrim. I had killed more Draugr than I could count. I had houses stuffed full to bursting with custom weaponry and could have built a house from my gold pieces.

What will I find in Dawnguard tomorrow? Well, stick around. Because I give good odds that this is going to be downright impressive.
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