Watch Dogs Will Hit Both PS3 & Xbox 360, Says Developer Report

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Watch Dogs Will Hit Both PS3 & Xbox 360, Says Developer Report

One of the biggest moves to come out of E3 has to be Watch Dogs, and while this quirky little idea that smacks of the weirdest in tinfoil-hat phenomena may have been a big hit at the show by itself, the more exciting news has to be about just where you'll be able to catch all this sweet sweet drama. The good news here is that, no matter what console you favor you'll be able to get in on this one yourself.

The reports have come in from the developers that the demo that hit E3 ran on the PC, but it will also make appearances on the Xbox 360 and PS3, and there's even some suggestion that a Wii U version may well hit later on. But that's only a suggestion at this point, as it's still said to be "up in the air".

The thing about Watch Dogs is that it's largely unlike many previous titles. While, admittedly, there's only so much known about this one making comparisons somewhat difficult--my best guess based on the trailer and gameplay footage is that it's like some weird hybrid of Grand Theft Auto and Deus Ex--but the early word makes this one out to be one of the most unique titles out there.  Considering that Kotaku actually called this the best game we'll see at E3, that's high praise. Of course, it doesn't hurt--or help, depending on your stance--that this year's E3 was jammed to the gills with "number games", games that were sequels or remakes.

Still though, this is a clever bit of action, mystery and science fiction all intermingling into a terrific overall package that certainly has my attention and has me very eager for the launch date on this one. And the bad news, sadly, is that this one likely won't be on shelves until sometime in 2013,  at least.

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