Deadpool Hits Trailer Scene With Comic-Con Trailer

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Deadpool Hits Trailer Scene With Comic-Con Trailer

Ask many Marvel Comics enthusiasts--like myself--who their favorite character is, and more than once you'll likely hear the word Deadpool come up. While many Marvel characters have made their way to games, the Merc with the Mouth hasn't had the opportunity to get his own game...until now.

The trailer for the Deadpool game emerged from Comic-Con, which is widely regarded as a great source of information about television, movies, and video games, especially if they're about comic books in some way. Getting Deadpool involved is an exciting prospect, especially since some believe a Deadpool movie may not be too far out of the picture, given how the Wolverine movie went.

The trailer itself, meanwhile, is classic Deadpool, complete with multiple narration boxes, attractive young women in skintight clothing, a bouncy castle, and lots and lots and lots of gunplay. The voice comes from none other than Nolan North, who had previously performed the voice role of Deadpool in several other video games previously. A hilarious trailer with a reasonably well-known voice actor coupled on to a property that a lot of people know--and nearly as many love--sounds like a combination for a fun game.

Some, though, are doubting the fun involved with this one. Some have compared it to Duke Nukem Forever, and not without some reasons. Of course, that's the nature of Deadpool. As far as I'm concerned, meanwhile, it's going to be at the very least worth a rental just to see what kind of storyline Mama Wilson's little boy is going to find himself hip deep in.

It's not due to actually emerge until sometime in 2013, so we'll have a bit of a wait on our hands, but it should at least be worth the wait to see how it all turns out.
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