Final Fantasy 7 To Hit PC Via Square Online Store Soon

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Final Fantasy 7 To Hit PC Via Square Online Store Soon

Now stepping into the "Coming Soon" slot is no less than one of Square's biggest releases in history, as the PC version of Final Fantasy 7 will be hitting Square's online store in the not too distant future.

The game will be released in a variety of languages, including French and German, and is also said to feature a way to boost characters' stats in game without the need for leveling up or associated grinds and farming. This particular point has raised more than a little ire across the gaming community, though a case can comfortably made for this point. There are many gamers out there who like playing games for the sake of the plot, and a way to make your characters overpowered sufficiently to tear through boss fights and get on with the plot, well, that's appealing.

Still, it's easy to understand why many are annoyed, as for many, a game is about the challenge, with the plot being a reward for challenge achieved. I, on the other hand, am not one of them for two significant reasons: one, I'm one of those who plays games for the plot, and two, I, unlike most of the civilized world, preferred Final Fantasy VIII. It just came at the right time in my life, specifically my senior year of high school.

But for those who preferred Final Fantasy VII, and want to get hands on it with a few minor upgrades, there won't be much longer left to wait until it hits the Square store.
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