God Of War Still May Hit The Silver Screen With Some Saw Help

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God Of War Still May Hit The Silver Screen With Some Saw Help

While the thought of a God of War movie leaves me cold at best, there's some fresh word about this one that may leave some even colder...but may perk some up for a potential winner in the making.

The early word says that the writers of Saw IV through VI, as well as the Feast trilogy, Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, are taking over the script for the God of War title, which was formerly the province of God of War's executive producer David Self.

Oddly, I enjoyed the last few titles in the Saw series, thanks to the introduction of the "Jigsaw's legacy" subplot as personified by Jigsaw's protege Detective Hoffman taking on Jigsaw's widow, Jill Tuck. Personally, I was Team Hoffman all the way, especially after Tuck's little trick with the reverse bear trap--man, how low was that?--but that odd little detail aside, the thought of Dunstan and Melton being involved gives me a note of encouragement for God of War. Especially if they throw in some of the surprising humor that the Feast series brought into play. The end credits on Feast 3: The Happy Finish alone were a delight of bizarre comedy.

This may well prove better than I expected originally. It may not. There's only one way to find out, and since there's no word as yet on release dates, we may be in for a bit of a wait. Still though, there's reason to be encouraged, and hopefully this will turn out as good as it could be.
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