Help Wanted: Mists Of Pandaria Occupations Emerge

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Help Wanted: Mists Of Pandaria Occupations Emerge

While, not so long ago, people regarded the concept of Mists of Pandaria as little more than an in-joke, the in-joke has become a reality. Now, we've got a first look at one of the newest occupations in Mists of Pandaria: tailoring.

For a society that basically looks like Kung Fu Panda times a million, it's not surprising that they're not doing a whole lot of metalworking and armorcrafting. No, from the look of the early reports, the newest chapter of World of Warcraft will bring a lot more working with cloth.

Specifically, so the newest reports put it, Windwool cloth, which will be to Mists of Pandaria what Embersilk was to previous iterations. But this time around, there will be a premium on tailors willing to go out and kill their own bad guys, as some of the best stuff will require very specific items that may not readily be found at auction. Some of it is bind-on-pickup, so for those tailors who stick around the auction house, it's going to be difficult to get ahead.

I actually spent more than a little time in World of Warcraft. Had a mount, a level 40 dwarf hunter, and a bear named Grylls. We did a lot of damage together before I ended up figuring that the whole thing was just a lot of more of the same.  Still though, it's good to see that the series can keep bringing out new material, and it doesn't look like World of Warcraft will lose its ground any time soon.
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