NiGHTS Into Dreams To Make HD Comeback

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NiGHTS Into Dreams To Make HD Comeback

Just recently, we were discussing the future of Sega as a company, following news that they were about to launch a big old slew of layoffs from their European branches, among others. But now, news that Sega is planning to bring back an old favorite: NiGHTS Into Dreams.

The release is set for sometime this fall, and will boast not only a 16:9 aspect ratio, but also achievements and trophies, as well as a "Saturn mode" that offers as yet undetermined extra capability.

That's not the only unknown packed into this particular game, which will be hitting both Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network as well as PC when it actually does hit. Some have wondered if the Christmas NiGHTS content would make the re-release, and Sega, for its part, is staying mum about such things.

But this, in and of itself, is a fine idea. Sega has a lot of impressive properties on its side. Stuff from the Saturn, stuff from the Dreamcast, the Genesis and so on. We're seeing some of these properties make appearances; Xbox Live Arcade recently saw releases of Alex Kidd, Golden Axe and Streets of Rage, while Splatterhouse finally made it to Xbox 360 not so long ago. Sega is learning that it has a lot more intellectual property in its arsenal than Sonic, and a lot of it has fans eagerly awaiting its return.

The more that Sega can put on shelves, the better the chance it will have to make a swift--or swifter, anyway--recovery. They need some wins, and NiGHTS may well be just what they needed.
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