PS2's Haunting Ground Looks To Make PS3 Jump

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PS2's Haunting Ground Looks To Make PS3 Jump

Horror gaming is a clever if somewhat under-appreciated art form. Given all the horror movies lurking out there, you'd think that more games would try to catch that particular lightning in their own bottle, but it just doesn't seem to happen very often. That's going to change just a bit with the upcoming release of Haunting Ground for PS3.

Not surprisingly--especially to those who have played it previously--the ESRB slapped an M rating on the title. For those who haven't played it, meanwhile, the game revolves around a young lady named Fiona, who, along with her dog Hewie, finds herself stuck in the midst of a haunted castle. She'd naturally rather not be there, and I'm reasonably confident the dog would also rather not be there either, and as such, they're both looking to get out. That won't be easy, as the only one that wants them to be there is the house itself.

Fun? Sure sounds like it. I never got the opportunity myself to try Haunting Ground on the PS2, so what will happen with the PS3 version is anyone's guess. I did check out a couple videos for it, though--they're all over YouTube--and the end result looked at least somewhat interesting. Just what the PS3 version will look like--not to mention play like; there's nothing saying that the remake has to be anything like the original--is as yet unclear, but there's enough to make a rating on, so chances are there will be something more worth seeing in rapid fashion.

This could be one worth playing, but either way, putting a bit more of a fright into gaming sounds like a great experience to me. Just how scary it will be, however, remains to be seen.
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