Quantum Conundrum Episodes Release Featuring Kevin Pereira

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Quantum Conundrum Episodes Release Featuring Kevin Pereira

For those of you who've been wondering what Kevin Pereira's been up to since leaving kind-of gaming network G4, the answer is simple, and somewhat surprising. He's been involved in promotional videos for the upcoming game release of Quantum Conundrum, and the second one in the set released only a few hours ago.

The Quantum Conundrum game, based on the promotional videos, is about a game show that offers "fabulous" prizes, though the things that will be done to get them will be just as bizarre as the prizes themselves. By way of example, the first episode mentioned a previous contestant who had not only gained a quantity of liquid uranium concentrate, but in the process had lost his ability to love.

The full name of the show, as expressed by the videos, adds to the mysterious and ludicrous nature of the show itself, as the game show Pereira is hosting is called--and you'll want to brace yourselves for this--The Super Dimensional Quantum Learnings Problems + Solutions GameTime Spectacular.

While the newest episode is a bit heavy on the obvious--pun intended, and not intended at the same time, which is perfectly appropriate given the circumstances--the idea is no less baffling, and at the same time, surprisingly funny given Pereira's over the top delivery style and all around preposterous nature of the proceedings.

The game, meanwhile, is currently available on PC, and at last report, will be available for PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime in July. The game has virtually nothing to do with Pereira's quirky game show, which is a shame, because it looks like a lot of fun, like a kind of You Don't Know Jack in the Fifth Dimension. The game itself is actually more of a puzzler, based on the current reports, which may or may not be fun. We've seen some great puzzle games before, like most anything in the Portal vein, but can this one catch on the way the Jonathan Coulton-powered Portal did?

It'll be interesting to see the reception on this one, and I'm certainly hoping for more quiz show fun with Pereira just to see where it goes. Either way, the whole thing should come to a head within the next couple weeks.
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