Roccat To Roll Out Power Grid At Gamescom Show

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Roccat To Roll Out Power Grid At Gamescom Show

With E3 now just a fond memory, and the next PAX show so far off in the distance you can't even really see it from here, the next game show, such as it is, will be the massive German extravaganza known as Gamescom, which will hit Cologne, Germany August 15 through August 18. When it does, the folks at Roccat will be ready and waiting with their long-awaited Power Grid system ready to show.

The Power Grid system is part controller, and part game augmentation. The Roccat Power Grid allows users to take their smartphones and incorporate them into a whole new control scheme for many popular games. It provides an access to not only communications systems like Skype and TeamSpeak, but also a means to control certain in-game functions like the dispensation of healing items and the like. It will even allow for monitoring of the game environment itself, filling the user in on things that might ultimately bring down a game, like if the hard drive is reaching near full or if the processor is behaving oddly.

Basically, the Power Grid is going to give users a whole lot more in the way of control over their PC gaming, and make their overall experience even more dynamic, and potentially more immersive, than ever.

The show itself will feature DJ Eskei 83, and a variety of other shows including Roccat's own ROCCstars of gaming, so for those who want to put some extra punch in their gaming, they're likely to get that from Roccat's Power Grid, which should be finally making an appearance in stores before too much longer has happened.
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