The Secret World Launches Tomorrow, Funcom's CEO Launches A New Career

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The Secret World Launches Tomorrow, Funcom's CEO Launches A New Career

One of the most anticipated MMO titles in some time, The Secret World, is set to make its official launch in a matter of hours. But even as developer Funcom is poised to launch a big title, Funcom's CEO will be launching something of his own, namely, a new career.

Funcom's CEO, Trond Arne Aas, has stepped down from the CEO position, and has ceded the rank to the company's former COO, Ole Schreiner. Yet Aas won't be leaving Funcom entirely, but rather stepping into a new role as a chief strategy officer.

As for reasons, there really weren't any aside from Aas' own inclinations to step into a freer position in the company. The company's financials seem in good shape, there are more titles in the making from Funcom coming soon...there seems to be no significant reason driving Aas' decision.

It's extremely unnerving, frankly. After a lackluster E3 and a fairly slow slate of launches to come for the next few months, seeing a CEO bug out for little or no reason to take a lesser rank in the company is disturbing. The recent news has been somewhat on the unexpected side of late, and it makes me wonder if there's something deeper going on here.

Still, though, it's all certainly something to watch, and either way, we're all going to get a sweet slice of gaming fun when The Secret World hits tomorrow.
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