The War Z MMO Lands On Our PCs Soon

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The War Z MMO Lands On Our PCs Soon

One thing I've often said, for years actually, is that there should be more zombie games out there. There's so much room for zombie games to happen in the first place--why on earth not bring them into play? Zombie shooters, zombie builders, zombie RPGs...well, seems that someone finally took me seriously, because The War Z is coming our way fairly soon...and it's an MMO.

Moreover, The War Z has a downright impressive release schedule in mind. It's currently in alpha state, and looks to launch a closed beta ahead of its release by the end of the year. Basically, they want to go from alpha to launch in time for Christmas, which as release schedules go makes perfect sense--holiday shopping season is a prime time for releasing games--though perhaps the only better time for a zombie MMO would be Halloween.

At any rate, the word is that The War Z will be a full-sized, quest-based MMO that allows users to pick their way through a zombie-infested city, accomplishing quests as they go. New areas will be unlocked as quests progress, and users will also have access to a variety of skills to use on their quest. PVP may well come into play as well.

Lot of good stuff going in on this one, and that's got my interest and then some. After all, I'd been wanting a zombie-based, well, anything for some time now and actually seeing it come up catches my eye. My MMO experience isn't the greatest, however, having only really played World of Warcraft in the MMO vein, so just what this one ends up like is a topic that has my eye all the more.

Either way, however, we shouldn't have much longer to go until we find out just how this one turns out, and personally? I'm holding out hope for the best.
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