Cheating Pool: Changing The Online Gaming Landscape?

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Cheating Pool: Changing The Online Gaming Landscape?

Once is a novelty. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a pattern. We're well on our way to a pattern with the recent announcement that Awesomenauts is looking to join in Max Payne's method for dealing with online cheaters: specifically, exiling them to their own play matchmaking.

Awesomenauts today showed off not only a new character--goes by the name of "Gnaw" and his weapon of choice appears to be the capability to throw up on his victims--but also the new mode. Getting in on this newest cheating pool is simple: just get caught cheating in an online game, whereupon said cheaters will be transferred to a cheaters-only matchmaking system and can game, and cheat, all they please.

By itself, this would be a novelty. But add it on to the recent news that Max Payne was looking to do the exact same thing, and it's got the makings of a pattern. Taking cheaters and putting them in their own matchmaking system, that's just a smart idea. The cheaters can still play, but don't get involved in the regular population to cheat them out of a good experience. It's a terrific combination of factors.

Sure, Awesomenauts will continue to introduce characters for some time to come, but they may well have their best move of the day in the introduction of the cheater pool, which may well see action in more games by the time it's all said and done.
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