End Of An Era: Is Nintendo Power On Its Last Life?

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End Of An Era: Is Nintendo Power On Its Last Life?

Some dark stirrings today in the gaming world, yet at the same time, dark stirrings that make all too much sense: word is that Nintendo Power, long the bulwark of Nintendo fans and kids everywhere, is coming to an end.

The word is that Big N has quietly refused to renew is licensing contract with Future Publishing, the folks that handle the publication duties for Nintendo Power. Also, Nintendo has no plans to take over the publication itself, leaving Future Publishing, essentially, all dressed up with no place to go.

It's not looking good for the continuing story of a magazine that's been in continuous operation for nearly a quarter of a century, since the early word also suggests that many of Nintendo Power's staffers are quietly being shuffled around to other publications, and that Tweets from the main figures involved--quickly deleted after the fact--are promising some impressive things for the last issues, it's a safe bet that the band is already tuning up for this particular Titanic of publications' last round of "Nearer My God To Thee."

A shame, especially for the legions of kids--which included yours truly back in his misspent youth--who eagerly awaited that month's issue of Nintendo Power in their mailboxes to find out about all the games coming up, all the games currently out, and to get a better look at the inner workings of the games that we knew and loved. Yet given the growing number of print magazines in the gaming industry which are shutting down and moving online, it was a safe bet that so too would go Nintendo Power one day.

Though no one knows as yet if Nintendo Power will remain online, and it's merely the print arm closing up shop, it still represents a sad day indeed for those numerous gamers out there who remember free posters, contests, Howard and Nester, and the legion of great moments that a magazine could bring.
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