Gamescom 2012: The Lineup Looks A Bit Dark

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Gamescom 2012: The Lineup Looks A Bit Dark

One of the great things about any gaming convention is that there's always something interesting going on. Those keeping an eye open for that something going on may well even be able to catch hints about the future of the industry as a whole, and it's starting to look like the upcoming game line may be trending a bit darker.

First off was only slightly unexpected news that DayZ, the popular adaptation to Arma 2, is looking to branch off from just being a mod and is looking to make an appearance all its own on consoles. While console gamers like myself should be reasonably intrigued by this, the execution of such a plan is a bit unclear at this stage.

Moreover, some trailers hit today that definitely caught my attention, including the official trailer for the WiiU's attempt at survival horror ZombiU, the next big D&D expansion Neverwinter, and Rain.

First off, ZombiU is actually looking pretty sharp for a WiiU release--maybe Big N's finally coming around to the realization that they've there are people over the age of 12 who like to play games. I'd love to see this make a jump to the other systems at some point, but given that they're calling it "exclusive to WiiU", it doesn't look like that will happen, at least, not any time soon.

Next, Neverwinter brought out its Ebon Downs trailer for Gamescom 2012, and the news on that front is as good as you can expect. The appearance of a new MMO in the market always leaves me a bit cold--really, isn't World of Warcraft pretty much king by now?--but I give credit for effort, and Neverwinter does have that great D&D background to it.

Lastly came the trailer for Rain, a combination puzzle and thriller that had my attention if for nothing else than the sheer weirdness of it all. A world where the main character and much else is invisible except under rain? Clever...but can the game cash the check the plot wrote?

All things considered, it's looking like one very interesting lineup to come. How much of this we'll actually see--and when--is as yet quite unclear in many cases. Still though, there could be plenty to see when it all finally makes its play, and it should bring plenty of exciting new games our way when it does.

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