Is Microsoft Plotting MMO Entry?

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Is Microsoft Plotting MMO Entry?

Unexpected bit of news--and it's extremely early-stage stuff, so expect speculation to be rampant on this one--as Microsoft puts in a trademark on the name "Galactic Reign". What is Galactic Reign? What does it mean? And does it mark a whole new field of play for beleaguered Microsoft?

It's not surprising to note that Microsoft has a variety of deals in progress with a variety of publishers right now. It's equally unsurprising that game publishers--especially those that have as many irons in the fire as Microsoft does at any given time--often trademark a variety of names, whether the product actually comes to fruition or not. So "Galactic Reign" may not ever actually emerge.

Yet at the same time, I can't help but wonder if, maybe, Galactic Reign represents something that isn't exactly par for the course at Microsoft. Admittedly, a name like that could be anything, but what if it's an MMO?

One thing that Microsoft hasn't done so much of is the MMO line of titles. Considering that things haven't been going too well for Microsoft of late--while Microsoft is clearly on top as far as console gaming, everywhere else has been a little light for them--it's not out of line to suggest that Microsoft might well want to get a foot in a whole new venture, the online role playing game.

This is still very early stage stuff, so just how it ultimately turns out remains to be seen. But it's entirely possible that we could be looking at something new and exciting from the folks at Microsoft, who could stand a little bit of new and exciting in their operations.
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