Sennheiser Uncrates New Gaming Headsets, The PC323D & The PC310

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Sennheiser Uncrates New Gaming Headsets, The PC323D & The PC310

Sennheiser is commonly regarded as a great source of audio, especially for the gaming set. This is evidenced nicely with the rollout of some new headsets, the PC 310 and the PC 323D.

The PC 310 is geared more for the budget-minded gamer--and let's face it, when it comes to PC gaming that budget can get smashed up right quick thanks to all the hardware and peripherals that can get involved in the process--but still offers up a solid experience. Included in the package is an attached noise-cancelling microphone, open-acoustic ear cups geared for extra comfort, and that standard top-notch sound quality that users have come to expect from Sennheiser. Users will be able to pick these up for $59.95 apiece and will also get Sennheiser's standard two year warranty.

The real boost here, however, comes in the form of the PC 323D. Of particular interest here is the fact that no sound card is needed with these, as they actually offer their own built-in version in the form of the 3D G4ME1 7.1 USB sound card. They offer 7.1 channel surround sound backed up by both Dolby Headphone and Dolby ProLogic IIx, as well as what looks like the same noise-canceling microphone and open acoustic design as the PC 310 model boasted. But in an interesting twist, the PC 323D models offer the volume control mounted to the right ear cup for easy adjusting, and allow users to mute the microphone just by swinging the boom arm upward. These, however, will go much farther toward busting the budget, however, as the PC 323D headphones are set to sell for $159.95 each.

While 7.1 channel surround is some good stuff--many home theater setups are still rocking 5.1 channel--there's no denying that the additional $100 Sennheiser wants for the higher end model may not be easy to pull off for a lot of gamers, especially gamers hit by the down overall economy. Sennheiser might have done better here to get at least some kind of intermediary model here, a $99.95 model perhaps, or at least kept its overall prices low in the face of busted gamer budgets. Still though, for those who want and can afford the good stuff, Sennheiser seldom goes wrong for those who buy in.

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