The War Z Takes A Lot of New Ground In Under A Day

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The War Z Takes A Lot of New Ground In Under A Day

Some interesting news has emerged around The War Z, which we talked about here not too long ago. This interesting little slice of zombie apocalypse intermingled with MMO gameplay has brought some equally interesting statistics along with it. First is the revelation that it's got a new website. This by itself wouldn't mean all that much, really, except for the purely unavoidable fact that the beta also opened up, and in just under 24 hours, the beta already has 100,000 interested signups.

Now, obviously, the measure of a game's success by the number of players interested in the beta is shaky at best. A terrific beta count means there are plenty of people interested in seeing what the game is actually about, not that are necessarily interested in becoming paying customers, assuming the game goes full release and requires payment to play.

However, it's undeniable that interest in The War Z is significant, and even among those who didn't sign up for the beta may well be there besides. If The War Z can get half a million subscribers, it will easily be on par with bigger releases like Star Wars: The Old Republic..

But perhaps the biggest issue is the distinct lack, as yet, of gameplay video out there. There are screenshots, and there are plenty of comparisons to Day Z, which makes plenty of sense. The screenshots look pretty sharp, and there's word that more settings will come out later, as you'll start out in a setting called Colorado, with plenty of rural locations and abandoned barns and whatnot. More settings will reportedly follow, and there will be plenty of multiplayer capability in here too, as players will be able to join clans, which can work together with--or work against--other clans.

Frankly, The War Z is starting to sound intensely fun. But the studios behind it, Arktos and Hammerpoint Entertainment, are doing themselves and us alike a deep disservice by not putting up a trailer or some gameplay footage or something. This sounds great. But every gamer before has been burned by some title or another that sounded great but couldn't live up to its own hype. I remember when Two Worlds was called the next Oblivion, and sadly, that was definitely not the case.

Still though, if The War Z can live up to its own hype, we may be in for a real treat here, and if they keep up with their original release schedule, we may be seeing plenty more about this one very soon.
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