Wargaming.Net Makes Bigworld Buy--Several MMOs In The Works?

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Wargaming.Net Makes Bigworld Buy--Several MMOs In The Works?

The word of late seems to be MMO, as the folks at Wargaming.net have made a substantial purpose recent in the form of Bigworld. Wargaming.net picked up Bigworld for $45 million, but it's what they might be looking to do with it that's impressive.

Wargaming.net has been working with the Australian software maker Bigworld for some time now, and thus, Wargaming.net wanted to formally acquire them so as to have control over their provider's operations. Since Wargaming.net is currently the proprietor of World of Tanks, World of Planes and World of Warships (formerly World of Battleships), they already have an excellent base from which to work.

Moreover, they're quick to assure Bigworld users that they'll continue to support Bigworld products. Wargaming.net, meanwhile, gets reduced development costs, faster turnaround, and the ability to supply production services to other studios who want to produce MMOs. Basically, it's entirely possible that Wargaming will kick things into high gear and start putting together a whole lot more in the way of MMO for other studios. That in turn could launch a lot more product for all of us, and eventually, give us all more than we ever expected.
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