What Will The iPhone 5 Do For Gamers?

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What Will The iPhone 5 Do For Gamers?

Naturally, when a gamer looks at a piece of new hardware, like the iPhone 5, it's not too hard to ask the followup question: just what kind of impact will this have on my gaming? As it turns out, the iPhone 5 is likely to have some pretty substantial impact for gamers, and not just in the obvious way.

The big news, of course, is that the iPhone 5 will pack in the A6 processor, giving it a lot more in the way of juice for game developers to work with. That means they can improve graphics, tinker with gameplay mechanics, and the like to turn out more complex, more powerful, and probably even a bit more fun overall titles to the overall structure.

Perhaps even more important than the inclusion of the A6 processor is Apple's decision to make the iPhone 5 pack a four inch Retina display, which will ramp up the graphics capabilities accordingly. Going up from a 3.5 inch screen is that much more of an improvement, and being able to offer a 16:9 ratio is a jab in the eye for the PlayStation Vita as well.

Just to top it all off, the battery life is improved beyond that of what many hand-held gaming systems can offer, so that provides an even better improvement over both the previous iPhone and the various handhelds currently in play.

Basically, the iPhone 5 can safely be described as the best iPhone yet for the gaming community. It's going to take a while for the various game designers to get together games that can take fullest advantage of this new hardware, though chances are, they're up to the challenge. So while it may take a couple months--right in the midst of Christmas shopping season, no less!--to get them to market, it's beginning to look like a great gaming season to come thanks to the new Apple iPhone 5!
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