Will Nancy Tellum Tell Microsoft How To Put New Life In The 360?

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Will Nancy Tellum Tell Microsoft How To Put New Life In The 360?

Microsoft Studios recently made a new hire in the form of Nancy Tellem, former CBS television executive, likely with an eye toward keeping up the continuing expansion of the Xbox 360 from a pure gaming machine into a full-on complete entertainment solution. But has Microsoft made a good move here?

Thankfully, Tellem is being considered for a much broader position than just getting television content on the Xbox 360; her position, which will feature her reporting to Microsoft VP Phil Spencer, is set to add "new types of entertainment" to the system. The thing is that no one knows just exactly what "new types" of entertainment are being referenced here.

This could be straight television. Tellem likely has plenty of contacts at CBS and might be able to wrangle some new kinds of licensing deal, especially for older CBS content, things like "Rawhide" or "The Streets of San Francisco", or most anything else that CBS has offered over the decades since its inception. So some new video--exclusively on Xbox--is entirely possible. There's also the possibility of pure original video, stuff to supplant the recently shut down "Major's Minute" and "Xbox 101".

But then, some have projected that Microsoft has already been experimenting with new kinds of games that are like games, but also blend in other types of media like interactive video. There's also the SmartGlass technology, introduced back at 2012's E3 event, which promised a new way to interact with games and video content, something which hasn't exactly been seen much since that E3 intro.

There are a great many possibilities associated with Nancy Tellem's hiring, and hopefully, Nancy will Tellem how to get the job done, if you'll pardon the pun. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing just what Tellem's tenure will yield.
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