Is There Still Room In The Market For New Consoles?

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Is There Still Room In The Market For New Consoles?

For some time now, I've been hearing the various Jeremiahs of the gaming community scream that console gaming is dead and that the smartphones have taken over. But with recent word from Nintendo about the sales on their newest console, it's starting to look like maybe, just maybe, the console market can come back after all, and all it needed was a shot in the arm.

Indeed, there were many who said that no one wants to drop a hundred hours on the next Skyrim when they could play like 30,000 games of Angry Birds in that same space--your actual play time may vary--but then came the word about how many Nintendo Wii U systems were sold, which looked to be every bit as big a seller as the original Nintendo Wii. Word from Nintendo described a sell-out of 400,000 units in the opening weekend--brisk sales by any measure, though down from the original Wii's sales figures of 600,000--despite an overall sluggish economy.

This actually relates back to a projection we made right here not so long ago, that said the slump in the gaming market wasn't caused so much a change in the gaming market away from consoles and to mobile devices, but rather that the choices in the gaming market were simply starting to stagnate. This was a problem that could be fixed comparatively easily, with the release of new consoles, something that was somewhat overdue in recent years.

Getting some new blood in the market would be a great thing indeed, and there are plenty of people looking to 2013's E3 event--and the holiday shopping season that follows--to breathe some new life into the sector and prove that it's not yet game over for the console market.
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