Book A Trip To Solstheim This Christmas With Skyrim!

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Book A Trip To Solstheim This Christmas With Skyrim!

So yesterday was a huge day in gaming, as I finally got a chance to get some face time with a brand spanking new chunk of downloadable content. But would it prove to be worth the wait? There was only one way to find out.

Skyrim got its newest piece of DLC just yesterday, and I managed to take a bit of a run-through. While I had high hopes for this one, I knew it was possible to be disappointed. But having played Morrowind, and its own expansion packs in the form of Tribunal and Bloodmoon, I had a pretty fair idea of what I was in for.

Dragonborn, the newest piece of DLC for the steadily-growing Skyrim, takes us back to a place I thought I may well never see again: Vvardenfell. Well, more specifically, we're going to Solstheim, which was a back-end-of-nowhere chunk of land that had all of a couple buildings on it. Well, needless to say, we've missed a lot. Like House Redoran moving in and taking the place over. And the Argonian invasion of large parts of southern Morrowind.

Naturally, there's plenty more going on than that, with temples needing their basements cleared of ash zombies and books with mysterious origins and equally mysterious shrines popping up that no one has any idea what they are, oh...and then there's pirate treasure. It may be cursed.

Naturally, getting a look at what all was going on out Morrowind way since my last foray out there was a bit disturbing, but I have to admit, it was good to see the old place again. Even better to see it with the powerful augments that the Xbox 360 could provide. The gameplay was delightfully deep--it's going to take a good week or more, I'm sure, to get through all the barrows and whatnot scattered around the island. It's certainly got my hackles up for the Elder Scrolls MMO, especially if I can get a better idea of the post-Tribunal Morrowind.

Intrigue, combat, banditry and treasure aplenty--that sounds like a fine expansion pack to me! Sure, it's a surprisingly pricey affair at 1600 Microsoft Points, but this is one of the biggest expansion packs I've seen in some time. Sure, Dawnguard was great, and Hearthfire was nice, with the building of the giant lake house, among other things, but this one has some impressive story-building going on, and in general looks like it will be great fun once I get all the way through it.

Ah, but with Far Cry 3 coming out the same day, Skyrim may have to wait a bit....
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