Has Google Already Predicted The Winner Of The Next Generation Console War?

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Has Google Already Predicted The Winner Of The Next Generation Console War?

Just recently, we were wondering what happened to all the rumors in the next generation console war. Well, one didn't slip out today, but there's a report in Venture Beat suggesting that Google may already know who the big winner will be in the next console war.

Essentially, according to Google Trends, people are searching for the so-called Microsoft Xbox 720 over the equally so-called Sony PlayStation 4. While admittedly, they're using some names that are basically just inventions of the industry--no one knows, at least, not outside of Sony and Microsoft, just what the names of the next generation devices will be--they've caught on sufficiently that there are already plenty of searches going on in those two terms.

The comparison between the two is of particular note, with 34 percent of American searches going to the Sony PlayStation 4, and 66 percent--nearly double Sony's--going to the Microsoft Xbox 720. On a worldwide scale, however, Sony gets some gain, but not enough to clearly lose out to Microsoft, as 40 percent search Sony, and 60 percent search Microsoft.

This may not mean much to some--though it could easily be said that what people are searching for is more likely to be what they'll use in the future--but considering that Google Trends managed to accurately predict who would come out on top in the Blu-ray / HD-DVD feud, it's worth considering the value of Google's projections in terms of what's likely to be the biggest in the console market.

It's rational enough to suggest that the biggest name in gaming is going to be the one that's got the most momentum going into its launch. If that momentum follows through to the launch and beyond, then indeed, Microsoft is going to come out ahead when the launch finally takes place.
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