Is Grand Theft Auto 5 Taking Cues From Saints Row: The Third?

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Is Grand Theft Auto 5 Taking Cues From Saints Row: The Third?

A provocative question, make no mistake, but one we're going to take a look at all the same. Several new still photos have emerged, and it's making me wonder if, maybe, Rockstar's looking to take some cues from their competitor.

The new stills in question show that Grand Theft Auto V is looking, potentially, to ramp up its vehicle selection process. Early stills point to the available use of a commercial jet, a fighter jet, an airship, and a miniature submarine. While it's not yet known if those vehicles will make it to the final version of Grand Theft Auto V, or if they will be accessible to players when they do get there, it's still a very clear possibility, and it makes a very interesting comparison: is Grand Theft Auto V making a run at Saints Row: The Third?

Granted, we're likely never to see Grand Theft Auto get as plainly bonkers as Saints Row was. But it's likely that Grand Theft Auto saw the success of multiple vehicle types--the harrier, the jet bike, the attack helicopters and so on--and wondered if maybe they couldn't get a bit of that action in their own operation.

Personally, I'm hopeful that that's the case. While of course I laughed like a loon at Saints Row: The Third, one of the best experiences I had was the sheer go-anywhere power of the jet bike. Couple a sandbox game with the ability to go anywhere, with firepower, and strike where I like and it's a recipe for fun the likes of which I hadn't expected, but was glad I got. Seeing Grand Theft Auto V refine the formula and run with it would be great fun.

Of course, we'll have a while to wait to see just how it all comes out, but if Grand Theft Auto V could put Saints Row: The Third's fun factor into play, well, it's hard to see how this could go wrong.
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