Next Gen Gaming: Where Are The Leaks?

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Next Gen Gaming: Where Are The Leaks?

Not surprisingly, anticipation around the next generation of consoles is getting downright thick. With the Wii U now in play, the next generation has been officially kicked off, so wondering what Sony and Microsoft have in mind is on a lot of people's minds. But the amount of information around this particular release hasn't been anywhere near as thick, and that's got plenty--me among them--wondering just where the information actually is.

For those who follow Apple releases, chances are you've seen plenty of news come out about that well ahead of release, with everyone from the supply chain to random unnamed insiders chiming in with information about screen sizes and storage and potential release dates. But there's not much of that to be had these days, and the absence is easy to notice.

Naturally, that's not universally the case. Not long ago we had one last great burst of possible news from Xbox World, which proved indeed to be its last. But since then, there isn't much out there. Sure, we know the code names of these devices, and we have the Xbox World report, and we even have some reasonably good guesses based on the overall market as a whole. But where are the leaks?

The absence of news is proving to be one of the strangest parts of the next generation of gaming. While there is word, it's of the most tenuous sort. Some reports put Microsoft as being "on top of things" and ready for the big show, while Sony is inspiring less confidence overall. Interestingly, it's also beginning to look like Microsoft will get a bit of a head start on Sony's launch, with Microsoft likely to hit stores by Christmas and Sony set to struggle to match them.

But the key point here is that there's a remarkable lack of anything coming out ahead of schedule. Given that the E3 event is about six months away, give or take, that means that we should be hearing something about these new devices soon.

But we're not, yet. And that's what's got more than a few hackles up around the video gaming community. We're likely to hear plenty more before it's all said and done, but for now...for now, it's quiet.

Too quiet.
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