Early Word Emerges On Xbox 720 Specs

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Early Word Emerges On Xbox 720 Specs

Now here we go!  Finally! Finally we're getting some advance word about the upcoming next generation of consoles and what we're getting is looking very interesting indeed. Sure, it's not all sunshine and roses, but the word emerging today about possible specs on Microsoft's next-gen hardware is looking pretty bright.

This is, of course, not the first time that word has emerged about the Xbox 720--otherwise known as Durango--and its array of specs, as we got a shot of that not too long ago with the swan song for Xbox World magazine. But VGleaks managed to get a new set of specs, and they seem to on many fronts assent to what was already put out but provide some new insights as well.

The biggest news here is that, yes, the eight core processor is indeed still in place, running at 1.6 GHz. Additionally, it's backed up by eight gigabytes of RAM, a 800 MHz graphics processor, a 6x Blu-ray drive, and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

It's gratifying to see that Xbox World's swan song has a note of vindication to it now, and the specs are certainly looking good. Sure, it's no high end gaming PC, but when you consider what's currently available on an Xbox 360, and how gravely improved this version is over the predecessor, it's enough to make most anyone wonder just what they're going to do with all that mojo.

We're all quite aware that Microsoft has had its eyes on total living room dominance for some time now, and throwing in a Blu-ray player--especially if it works to upconvert DVDs as well to full 1080p--is going to make this a very formidable piece of hardware for some time to come. Sure, 1080p is starting to look like last-gen hardware in its own right ever since CES started showing off the 4K screens, but let's face it, those are going to be priced well out of reach for most of the typical, and even many of the atypical, home theater buyers for some time to come.

Also, it's looking like digital delivery isn't going to be in full force this go-round either. Sure, we'll still have room for it--Xbox Live Arcade has plenty of great titles and you're not going to find Torchlight on shelves--but it looks like the whole "used game" argument isn't going to lose steam in this generation.

The early word still expects the unveiling of the next Xbox at the 2013 E3 event set to take place this June in Los Angeles. There's still plenty of time between here and there, of course, and still plenty of time for things to change and new word to land. But still, it's looking pretty bright indeed for the future of gaming as we know it.
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