Gaming's 2013: What To Watch For

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Gaming's 2013: What To Watch For

Welcome to 2013, everybody, and with the dawn of 2013 comes a whole lot of new possibilities in gaming that few have even considered. Everything's looking a lot more real now that it's measurable in terms of months instead of saying "next year". But what's got my hackles up for 2013 in gaming? Well, that's what you're here for today, so let's run down what will hopefully be the biggest news of 2013.

1. Bioshock: Infinite. This is one I've been looking forward to since I first heard about it. A combination of alternate history, mild steampunk, and extreme jingoism, it was the kind of game that I haven't seen lately. It's hard to find a game that's unique these days, and while it may not turn out to be the game everyone's hoping for, it's still one of the better bets we've seen of late.

2. E3. A little familiar, I know, but that which made this event one of the high points of 2012 will likely make it one of 2013's best as well. There are doubtlessly going to be a huge variety of games to hit the 2013 E3, especially given that the 2012 E3 was something of a disappointment. That, in turn, brings us to the next point to look for:

3. The next-gen consoles. Already, many have projected that this is going to be the big year for console releases. With the Wii U already out, though not making much of a splash vis-a-vis games, it pretty much puts Microsoft and Sony in a bad position. They've got to release their new systems pretty quickly or risk getting swamped--again--by Nintendo's offering. The lessons of the Wii can't be quickly forgotten, so chances are, the mythic PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720--if those are their final names--should be a reality at the next E3 event.

4. HTML5. This is something of a dark horse, I admit, but HTML5 is a programming language that's rapidly gaining ground. Sure, it's nowhere near where it needs to be to be in wide use, but with another year of time and development, this may well be the next big thing in programming languages. It's already made a few advancements, and an extra year just might do the job.

The future of gaming is laid out before us, and just what will happen is quite unclear. What will we be looking at when the time comes to look back on 2013? There's only one way to find out, and hopefully, you'll stick around right here to see just what that actually turned out to be.
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