Got An Indie Game? Guess Who May Want To Publish It.

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Got An Indie Game? Guess Who May Want To Publish It.

Right now, there are probably several hundred firms and individuals developing indie games for various systems. While many of these games, no matter how good they are, will never see the light of day, more of them than normal might thanks to a new development from Double Eleven.

Double Eleven, the firm that brought out the PS Vita version of LittleBigPlanet, recently brought out word that they were looking to not only keep developing their own line of games, but also market and distribute other indie studios' titles for both the PS Vita and the PlayStation 3. The folks at Gamasutra raised an interesting question as part of this, however, wondering if the indie distribution plans affected Double Eleven's previous deal with Sony to develop exclusively for Sony.

If it did, frankly, it would be a shame. Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade has a substantial indie base loaded with games, some of which are actually quite good. Personally, I'm fond of "Dead Pixels", among plenty of others. But the idea that more indie games are at least going to get some play time, now, that's a very happy idea indeed. Given that there are fully 100 million members in the PlayStation Network, though, it could be the kind of thing that would get some interest going. It could, conceivably, get a lot of interest going.

Still, even if it's not as wide-reaching as most indie game buffs would like to see, it still may be worthwhile to the right gamers to get a chance at a big new array of games.
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