Storm8 Mobile Gaming Clears Major Milestone

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Storm8 Mobile Gaming Clears Major Milestone

If you've never heard of the mobile gaming company known as Storm8, it's okay; you're not alone. But there are plenty of gamers who have, and in Storm8's case, a recent milestone's worth of gamers have joined up as active daily users.

Storm8, the mobile gaming leader, recently crossed the 10 million daily active users mark. That's a big deal in its own right, but the numbers actually look better when you expand the numbers outward to encompass total users. Storm8 reaches a maximum of 200 million players the world over.

This represents fully double the count that Storm8 had at the beginning of the year in both daily active users and the overall total, accomplished largely by aggressive expansion of the various types of games on hand. They've added on new platforms like Social Arcade and Social Casino, designed to draw a wider total audience and more diverse types of gamers, and by all accounts, it's worked very well. Perhaps even more unusual is the revelation that Storm8 took no outside investment to reach such a level, instead using a private network to reach its substantial numbers.

This represents a clear imperative when it comes to gaming. The best gaming systems offer the best choices for players, and Storm8 actually offers quite a few choices. Sure, there are networks out there that have better offerings and more choices--Kongregate and Armor Games actually outmass Storm8 by a pretty substantial factor--but still, Storm8 has demonstrated how adding more choices improves the response from the community.

Storm8 actually has a good variety of games. Sure, many of them run toward the "Facebook-style" game--I mean, come on, one of the games is called "iMobsters". And then there's "Farm Story", "Castle Story" and "Pet Hotel Story".--but there's such a variety of them that there's enough ground to cover. Horror fans, sim fans, action fans...most are represented here. That gives users a lot of room to look around and find something they'll probably like, and that in turn gives them plenty of reason to come back.

When it comes to gaming, the more choice the better. For Storm8, they've managed to build some pretty impressive numbers on the strength of such a philosophy, and the development is likely to keep going from there.

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