E3 2013: Oculus Rift and PlayStation 4--A Future Together?

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E3 2013: Oculus Rift and PlayStation 4--A Future Together?

Speculation abounds in the midst of hordes of trailers and exhibitions going on out at E3, but one of the biggest speculations comes out of a combination of two key factors in gaming. Putting these two developments together may well lead to something very exciting, if it leads anywhere at all.

Basically, word came out of Sony Computer Entertainment's own Shuhei Yoshida, saying that not only has he tried out the second part of this story, but he also loves it. That thing in question is no less than the Oculus Rift, and Sony reportedly has a couple of the development kits on hand.

These two separate factors, when added together, makes the equivalent of water and cesium as far as video games go. Admittedly, Yoshida was quick to point out that the PlayStation 4 did not support the Oculus Rift, but the unspoken coda to that response was "yet." When Engadget took things a step farther, asking Yoshida if Sony would be supporting the Oculus Rift, Yoshida's lone response was the standard "No comment," but delivered with a smile that suggest cats and canaries. Given that, recently, the Oculus Rift actually came out with an HD version, the idea that this peripheral might well be making its way to a console system makes quite a bit of sense. And for it to be coming out for the PlayStation 4 instead of the Xbox One--which is certainly not a done deal as yet--would be one more in a rapidly growing string of coups that Sony seems to be generating of late.

While this is all still very, very early stage stuff, it's worth considering for several important reasons. One, we've already seen what the Oculus Rift can do for the immersion factor of first person games, and Sony has plenty of those in the pipeline with "KillZone: Shadow Fall" and several others that are likely to follow. Add on, say, the PlayStation Move system and there's a significant potential there for a game more immersive than any that has come before it.

The unanswered question at this point is just when, if ever, this particular coalition is going to become a reality. It may never actually happen, but just the suggestion is enough to further underscore the differences between Microsoft and Sony going into the next generation of the console wars. Sony seems to be focusing--and focusing heavily--on the games, while Microsoft is out to take the whole living room. It remains to be seen, of course, just which strategy will come out on top, but given the differences in not only philosophy but on pricing, well, it's looking like a very good day ahead for Sony.
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