E3 2013: Xbox One Exclusives Get Announced

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E3 2013: Xbox One Exclusives Get Announced

One of the biggest days of a big show has pretty much drawn to a close, and with several new Xbox One exclusives announced at the E3 2013 event, it looks like a good time to check out the slate and see what kind of lineup Microsoft will have on its side.

First, we have a note of vindication in the works, as one of the predictions made here came to pass. One of the big Microsoft exclusives for Xbox One is none other than "Dead Rising 3." The zombie game will be released this holiday season, so right about the same time the system itself emerges, and will offer up a very exciting new feature for Dead Rising players: no load times. Though the tone of the game looks much darker than its predecessor, the graphics are showing a lot more detail than normal and the whole thing looks very sharp overall.

But that wasn't all that Microsoft had to show off, oh no. We also got a glimpse at the next Halo installment, "Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain," and a shot of "Ryse: Son of Rome." Both "Ryse" and "Dead Rising 3" will feature some SmartGlass integration to throw a little extra variety into the gameplay proceedings.

There were also a couple exciting titles in "Sunset Overdrive" which featured some first person and acrobatic elements, as well as "Project Spark," a strange sort of fantasy / science fiction affair that certainly had a lot of people's attention for its clever intermingling of elements.

Just to top things off, indeed, those who hoped that Rare would bring back the "Killer Instinct" franchise got their wish and then some, with the series set to make a return.

Now, there's likely still more word to come, but the early word certainly suggests some exciting opportunities in the near-term future--right from the word "launch," no less!--and should get a lot of gamers interested, issues around used and rented games notwithstanding. While, admittedly, making it more difficult for Microsoft gamers to get in on the gaming may well be a greater hindrance than a help, especially in the long term, the fact remains that Microsoft's got quite a bit to offer here.

It's going to be hard for at least some gamers who might have been put off by the issues of rented games to turn down a slate like that, and with more announcements likely to come in the months leading up to the launch--four or five, roughly, give or take a couple weeks--it may well be that Microsoft will manage to mollify those unsettled by the recent issues surrounding rented games.
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