2013's Top Scores In Gaming

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2013's Top Scores In Gaming

Yesterday, we took a look at some of the low points in the year of gaming, but now, we have an opportunity—this being the last day of the year and all—to run down some of the big points in gaming. And man, were there ever plenty of those! It was a fine year indeed, and though we had some disappointments and some sadness along the way, we also had some fine times and some great things come out that made  this year a real joy in terms of gaming.

State of Decay

It's hard to look at this year in gaming without considering one of the most entertaining, most engrossing, and purely exciting games of the year, and that's got to be “State of Decay.” I spent a lot of time cruising the highways and byways on this one, and when the expansion version came out, I was in line pretty quick for a download. I called this one easily the most realistic console-based zombie apocalypse simulator ever, and it wasn't hard to see why. A mix of action, strategy, resource management and pure, all-out horror, “State of Decay” was loads of fun, especially for an independent release.

PlayStation 4 / Xbox One

I give the nod here to the both of the big new next gen releases because, for the first time in a long time, the two actually look like they're competing. While Microsoft's showing at the recent E3 wasn't exactly a high-water mark, but what was great about it was that Sony slammed Microsoft...and Microsoft responded. Microsoft adjusted its plans in the face of consumer outcry, and the end result was one that was good for customers. Sure, not everything the customer wanted was in—Kinect was still in no matter what—but it was a clear adjustment. Microsoft took Sony seriously, and worked to improve based on customer concerns. Fine news indeed, and a grand portent for the future of next gen.

BioShock Infinite

It was one of the biggest franchises of the Xbox 360 era, and the latest not only takes us to a completely different location, but it also even took us back to Rapture itself thanks to the DLC. That was an intensely fun proposition, and a great new way to look at an old franchise that gave us a lot of hope for future releases. Why, the way the ending set things up, we could be looking at thousands of different Rapture-related possibilities, and some that aren't. But fun should be had either way.

Xbox Live Arcade's Countdown to 2014

The last couple weeks have been astonishing in terms of daily deals spotted on Xbox Live Arcade. Now I know how all those PC gamers feel when the Steam sales come around! Though it wraps up today, I'm hopeful that the deals won't wrap up. I'd love to see plenty more discounted games, and I figure it has a lot to do with the Xbox One. After all, games for the Xbox 360 will soon start to dry up, so why not give gamers a chance to get hands on old favorites for deep discounts?

So those were the high points of 2013 in gaming, and though these weren't all the high points, these were just a few of the good ones. There was a lot to like this year, and there's plenty to come in 2014. Hopefully it will be just as good as 2013...or maybe even better. So settle in, brace yourselves, and get ready for what will hopefully be a great year in gaming.
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