So Is There Interest In Major League Gaming? More Than You May Think.

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So Is There Interest In Major League Gaming? More Than You May Think.

There's been a lot of news lately around professional gaming, what with how the audience is growing and the players are getting involved and there are more games coming out around its support. There's a lot going on, but is anyone paying attention to all that gaming action? New information, however, suggests that the Major League Gaming market is a lot more involved than some might think.


Checking out the differences over the course of the years really shows off how involved the viewers are getting. The biggest point is just how much different things are in how short a time frame. For instance, in 2012, viewers watched 15.5 million hours of video content. That number more than tripled to 54 million in 2013. What's really noteworthy is that that number is actually up 1,557 percent from 2010. It was just three million hours in 2010, and over just three years, that's a huge increase.


Then, there was a comparison between Major League Gaming and March Madness, which by comparison looks more like a March Fever Dream. The 54 million hours of viewed video from Major League Gaming compares to just 14 million with March Madness. What's more, the average time per viewer is substantially higher with Major League Gaming, pulling in 150 minutes per viewer on average as compared to 105 minutes, on average, with March Madness. That's a pretty big discrepancy, especially compared to something like college basketball, of all things. The clickthrough rate is 2.4 percent for, which is better than double the industry average of 1.1 percent. Ad completion rates are also high, with 74 percent on average matched up against 90.7 on


Partially driving this huge boost in hours viewed is the launch of, a video viewing platform designed to help disseminate video from Major League Gaming. That's driving a substantial number of new viewers into a centralized location to watch.


What's pretty clear here is that Major League Gaming is making huge inroads with a steadily growing number of viewers. Not only is the total viewership up, there are more venues to view than ever. That's adding up to big growth, and throw in the fact that those viewers are overall much more active than their immediate counterparts on even major sporting events and that's the kind of position that Major League Gaming needs to be around for some time. The beginning of the e-sports revolution may well start here, and we could be looking at some great things to come.

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