2014 In Gaming: A Big Year In The Making

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2014 In Gaming: A Big Year In The Making

Gamers out there are undoubtedly looking forward to 2014, and with good reason. There's a whole new crop of developments out there just waiting to make themselves known, and some that have already been started that should come to fruition this year. There's quite a bit of excitement on tap, and with the first day of the new year now in hand, we're going to take a look at some of the stuff that may make big news this year.

Open World Gaming

There's a LOT of this going around. We're still seeing downloadable content come out for “Dead Rising 3,” but beyond that there's plenty left to come. There's the “Mad Max” game, still set to arrive in 2014, as well as “Dying Light,” “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” “The Crew,”  and plenty of others to follow, making it a great time to be a gamer that likes to walk around comparatively unfettered. Plus, there's the distinct possibility that this is the year for at least news about “Fallout 4,” so it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas all over again for the open world game buff.

Next Generation Gaming

The new systems are scarcely over a month old as yet, and that means pretty much their entire lives are ahead of them. While not all the action will be open world, there will be plenty of new titles featuring things like “Sunset Overdrive,” “Titanfall” and plenty of others. The action won't be all next gen, either, as there are likely to emerge a few games for the last generation as well. Even “Titanfall,” at last report, was set to get an Xbox 360 version, and that's the kind of thing that should make those who haven't made the jump to the new consoles yet very happy.

The Oculus Rift

Reports suggest that 2014 is going to be the year of the Oculus Rift for ordinary gamers, and though it may be cutting things a little close—many of those reports are calling late 2014 the year of the Oculus Rift—it's still set to emerge this year and make fundamental changes to the way we game and the way we enjoy other forms of entertainment as well. The introduction of the Oculus Rift essentially brings inexpensive, simple to use, and high-resolution virtual reality to users, and that's a development that's pretty easy to get behind.

And Plenty More Besides

What's truly amazing about 2014 is that it's only a few hours old. But already there is news of future releases, and there's likely to be other news besides the farther into the year we get. The news won't always be good, of course—there will be delays and cancellations and closures and layoffs and everything we don't want to see—but there will be exciting new technology and new games emerging, as well as changes in the way we interact with games. So be sure to stick around. It's a big new year coming, and by this time next year, we're going to have a lot to discuss.
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