PlayStation 4 Welcomes Indies With Plenty Of Titles To Follow

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PlayStation 4 Welcomes Indies With Plenty Of Titles To Follow

It's been pretty readily apparent for some time now that indie games are going to be pushing the next generation of console gaming as hard as—or potentially even harder than—most anything else in the field. While we've seen quite a few moves in recent days designed to make things easier for the indie market to get involved, the produce has been a little less than awe-inspiring. However, there have been some bright spots, and reports suggest that something very big is coming to PlayStation 4: over 100 titles set to arrive.

According to word from Adam Boyes, who serves as Sony's vice president of publisher and developer relations in the U.S game division, there are over 100 titles set to emerge for both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita. That's likely to only prove a start, as well, as it was further noted that there were over 1,000 developers licenses for self-publishing on the console, and as Boyes clarified further “Every day we have more.”

Right now there are 21 such titles on the PS4, ranging from “Warframe” to “Outlast,” and what's more, the titles are finding plenty of support on the live streaming front as well. The PS4 so far has seen fully eight million spectator sessions for self-published games; reports suggest for every one person who broadcasts play on an indie game, 15 people are watching.

This is great news for players, of course, who get access to a range of new experiences that may not have ordinarily come to pass, and it also helps bolster those who bought in on PlayStation 4. It's hard to get buyer's remorse when you're actively enjoying a product or service, and for PlayStation 4—or any gaming console, really—the more games that are on hand, the more likely it is that the player in question will be enjoying the system.

Meanwhile, over at Microsoft, there are signs that the company is catching on to the value of indies, as described by several indie developers. While Microsoft used to be less than salutary to indie developers, the rise of the self-publishing program ID @Xbox seems to have turned the tide at the company, though there are still some issues involved like the “launch parity” concept that requires games for Xbox One launch the same day that said games would on other platforms. But with several games already available for Xbox One, it doesn't seem that there will be a huge difference between the two.

Given that Sony and Microsoft seem to be working hard at bringing indie games into the fold, the end result here is, as noted previously, a great one for gamers. With plenty of titles to choose from, those who haven't already made the choice of Xbox One or PlayStation 4—and there are likely still plenty of fence-sitters out there, especially with E3 on the horizon—will have plenty of useful fodder on hand to help make that call.

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