Horror Gaming Gets a Spark From Friday the 13th

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Horror Gaming Gets a Spark From Friday the 13th

It's been sequeled to within an inch of its life and rebooted once already, with a second hit reportedly set to come by the end of this year. It's a cultural phenomenon, one of the big-three of eighties slasher fare, and one of the most iconic horror figures of all time. And now, according to reports, it's about to get the kind of game treatment that most of us can only dream about in an upcoming title that's multi-versus-solo player. It's "Friday the 13th," and man, could this be a winner.

The reports suggest that the title will be something in the vein of the upcoming "Evolve," in which multiple players will square off against one central beastie, in this case, Jason Voorhees, legendary slasher figure that's both nigh-invulnerable and generally eager to butcher anything that gets in his path. Set to launch in October to take advantage of both a new film and a new television series launch that will follow.

Of course, it's worth noting here that there are two other similar titles already in development, including "Until Dawn," featuring a group of teenagers attempting to fend off a serial killer, "Summer Camp," which involves "Friday the 13th" alums Harry Manfredini and Tom Savini, and the five-versus-one release of "Last Year," which recently got its funding on Kickstarter. None of these, however, appear to have the blessing and involvement of original "Friday the 13th" figure Sean S. Cunningham, a development the new "Friday the 13th" game appears to have.

This revelation raises many more questions than it answers, including the biggest question of just how nerfed Jason Voorhees will have to be to be playable in this series. In the films, Jason Voorhees managed to take ridiculous amounts of punishment, ranging from an outboard motor to the head to several hundred rounds of small arms fire to several hundred pounds of rebar dropped from a height of what I recall to be about three stories. So that yields another question, one of just what the characters will have on hand in fending off a character so capable of taking damage. Issues of plot also come into play here, not to mention just what platforms this will be released for. Will we be playing this on Xbox One? PC only? Or is this some kind of mobile game?

Still, this is quite the advancement, and it shows us that horror gaming is still quite alive and well. Indeed, with the sheer number of horror franchises out there--previously, about the only horror franchise to get game installments was the "Saw" series in the last few years--there would seem to be fodder enough for any of a host of games. But will
any of these see the light of day? Or will we be left with something completely different?

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