A Five Nights at Freddy's Movie? More Likely Than You Think.

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A Five Nights at Freddy's Movie? More Likely Than You Think.

From the moment that first psychopathic animatronic jumped in front of our computer screens, frantically waggling its limbs and, off screen, dragging us to our death via forced compression, many wondered if "Five Nights at Freddy's" would ever get the big screen treatment. Given the fact that the series has only been around for just under a year, it wouldn't have been a shock to wonder quite a bit longer than we did. But the new reports suggest that we'll be getting a big-screen adaptation, and maybe pretty soon.

The reports suggest that Warner Brothers has the rights to the film version of Scott Cawthon's massive hit game series, and will be set to production by a laundry list of impressive names ranging from Vertigo's Roy Lee to Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg.

Reports suggest that the overall story will be quite similar to the game, except obviously with a few extra narrative additions to help bridge the gap. Grahame-Smith expects the game to translate well, expecting a final product that is "...insane, terrifying and weirdly adorable."

Given that Warner recently had a hand in "Annabelle"--the prequel to "The Conjuring"--that heavily featured the antics of a possessed doll, it's not out of line to say that Warner could pretty readily handle a movie featuring four--or possibly five, depending on how they handle Golden Freddy--killer animatronics. Perhaps even better, this is a series that comes tailor-made for a trilogy, so getting another two titles together shouldn't be too difficult.

There's a potential downside here, though; one of two things needs to happen for maximum impact. One, either Warner needs to have this ready, in theaters, by summer 2016 or two, Scott Cawthon needs to have a fourth installment of the game in play soon. Why? If there's more than a year's lag between the last installment of the game and the first installment of the movie, there's a serious risk that the franchise will lose buzz and fall into obscurity, especially given the sheer number of releases still set to hit by the end of this year. Seriously, have you seen the lists? The lineup just by the end of 2015 is massive, and if the Bethesda presser turns out the way people expect at this year's E3, we may well have at least one, potentially two big releases coming for 2016 and 2017 too. The last thing Warner would need here is to bring out this movie into an environment where Freddy Fazbear and friends have been mostly forgotten in favor of a host of other releases.

Still, if Warner can move quickly, or if Scott Cawthon can keep the audience alive with a new game, then the "Five Nights at Freddy's" movie might just be the best game-to-movie translation since...well...since ever, really. That's a major coup by any stretch of the imagination, and one that would be a real feather in the cap of its achiever.

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