Five Nights At Freddy's Four, Coming Halloween?

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Five Nights At Freddy's Four, Coming Halloween?

Vindication is a lovely thing, and considering that I saw a new installment of Five Nights at Freddy's coming back in mid-April, it's feeling like an especially lovely thing this week. And looking back on it, seeing the official announcement of "Five Nights at Freddy's: The Final Chapter" makes a particular sense for the same reasons it did back in April.

The teaser image promises that this game will be out on Halloween--10-31-15, more specifically--and features one of the automatons, most figure it's Freddy himself, tipping his hat to the viewer. But Freddy...doesn't quite look right. Looking partially skinned, with metal parts exposed, there also appear to be several toothy jaws growing out of Freddy's chest. Additionally, the tips of Freddy's fingers have undergone some serious cosmetic changes, either capped with metal claws or with the fur sufficiently worn away to reveal the metal underneath. Either way, Freddy Fazbear has never looked quite so menacing, and I for one can't help but wonder what happened.

With around six full months to wait, though, we'll likely be wondering for some time, with likely a few teaser images and possibly video emerging in the process.

As I said back in April, this makes absolute sense. Why? Because Warner Brothers is working on the film version of this, at last report, and will be needing time to get the presentation ready. What Warner can't afford, though, is to release this film into a period where no one's had any contact with Freddy Fazbear et al since the last game came out back in early March. Now, it'd be one thing if the movie was ready soon. Being six to eight months or so without buzz wouldn't be too much of a problem; the movie's core audience would likely remember the name for another year after finishing, so if they released in Summer 2016, it should work. But if Scott Cawthon could bring out another game, it would buy Warner time at the least, or at the best, take advantage of a huge wave of buzz.

Imagine if you will a skeptical Warner executive board, knowing that "Five Nights at Freddy's" was heavy tunes, but not convinced that homicidal Chuck-E-Cheese mascots could carry a horror flick. What's the first thought on their mind? January. January is typically a dumping ground for movies no one's sure will do well, because if something goes wrong, it can be quickly explained away to investors with the expedient excuse of "bad weather." But now imagine a "Five Nights at Freddy's" game on Halloween night, followed by a month and a half or so of play as everyone frantically tries to clear 20/20/20/20 mode, and then, boom! "Five Nights at Freddy's The Movie", in theaters January 15! That sounds like a pretty prime recipe for ticket sales, if the whole thing can be set up properly.

Naturally, that's just a projection. But we may well find out sooner rather than later just how accurate it is; with Halloween about six months out, there should be plenty of news coming out on this topic soon. So keep it here, because I'll definitely be keeping watch.

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