Looking for News on Nintendo's Next Console? Not Until 2016

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Looking for News on Nintendo's Next Console? Not Until 2016

This was news that turned out to be both surprising and not surprising within instants of each other arising. The word emerged earlier today from no less than Nintendo president Satoru Iwata that when Nintendo hit E3 this June, there would be some things it simply wasn't going to be talking about. One of these things was its move to smartphone gaming. Another was its quality of life concept. And third, it wasn't talking about the NX console at all. Period. And not until 2016, either.

Iwata made the point rather clear when, during an investor's meeting, he reportedly said "We do not plan on talking about specifics about the NX until 2016." Iwata elaborated, noting that the NX was a "new concept", and as such wasn't being thought about as a "simple replacement". Instead, Iwata reportedly planned to keep any conversation about Nintendo at E3 to the console and gaming markets. Given that Nintendo posted a profit for the first time since 2012 this year, there has likely been a lot of soul-searching about how Nintendo does business, makes profit, and will plan to proceed in the coming months.

So what will Nintendo be talking about at E3? There's not much word on that yet as the show is still just over a month out, but in all likelihood there will be at least a couple new games, as well as some more word about the surprisingly popular Amiibo toy line, which has generated a whole lot of interest. Additionally, since better than 75 percent of the company's profits have come from outside Japan, there will likely be something more to talk about on that line. There may well also be further developments coming from things like Nintendo's recent move to bring a theme park online with help from Universal Studios, a move that wasn't exactly fleshed out at first announcement, but might well get a little meat on the bone on the strength of this announcement.

Still, we all know that E3 is going to be positively swimming in news, and not just from Nintendo, either. With the event set to run June 16 - 18, and plenty of events before then starting with Bethesda's big presser on the 14th, the news will come out hot and fast, and I can scarcely wait to see what the big names will be dishing up into the rest of our 2015 and beyond.

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