E3 2015: One Big Surprise at the Bethesda Show Leaks

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E3 2015: One Big Surprise at the Bethesda Show Leaks

The Bethesda press conference ahead of the full E3 event might well be what gamers are waiting for most, especially because it's expected to bring with it long-awaited mention of Fallout 4. But one point slipped out that will be one of the biggest surprises the show has to offer yet. More specifically, the Bethesda presser will reunite the hosts of former network G4's former video game review show X-Play: Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler.

The duo will be brought back at the Dolby Theater on June 14, where the duo will handle the pre-show and post-show content complete with streaming broadcasts set for both Twitch and YouTube. Reports suggest that this was a move recently put together and there's still some doubt as to just how it will all come together. Meanwhile, Bethesda will be putting its Twitter muscle in play at the @Bethblog account, as well as the Twitch chat stream, to allow viewers to ask questions. Likely two of the biggest questions will be "When's Fallout 4 coming out" and "What took you so long with Fallout 4?".

There's even a second surprise that got revealed, as Webb let slip that there would be "some big reveals" at the event, and Fallout 4 has to be one of the biggest such possibilities yet. There have been some rumors in the pipe that Elder Scrolls 6 will get its announcement here too, but that's a long shot at best, especially given the recent release of Elder Scrolls Online for PC, which will be followed next week by the release of the title for console.

It's admittedly rather exciting to see the X-Play duo back together again following the disastrous wreck of the G4 network. It's certainly a shot of nostalgia, though admittedly rather recent nostalgia, being that X-Play's last show was back in early 2013 though reports suggest it had been taped in late 2012. But this is really such a minor part of what will be rolled out at Bethesda's big show that it's almost disappointing. Yeah, it's great to see the band back together, so to speak, but I didn't come here for an X-Play reunion tour. I came here for Fallout 4 and maybe some Elder Scrolls news. Everything else, well, that's just kind of minor league.

Still, it'll be nice to see it, and it's not without some charm. But this is likely to be the lowest of the high points the show has to offer, or at least, I hope it is.

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