Fallout 4 Theories Confirmed: How You Survived the Vault

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Fallout 4 Theories Confirmed: How You Survived the Vault

Fallout 4 has had plenty of news come out around it over the course of the last few weeks, and will likely have plenty more afoot before the game actually arrives in stores. One major point has been settled: just how you--as the player--managed to survive, and as it turns out, our earlier projections were proven somewhat right.

You'll remember that, back in late June, we offered up three possible projections as to how you can not only be alive for 200 years after the bombs drop, but sufficiently alive that your Mr. Handy unit Codsworth recognizes you. There were three ways I could immediately project, and those were cryogenics, cloning and the thought that you were an android duplicate as opposed to a human being.

At the time, I put the weight on the android theory, with cryonics second and cloning as the long shot. A new report in Game Informer notes that, 200 years after the fact, you'll be emerging from cryosleep as the last survivor of Vault 111. So while I'd put the bulk of likelihood behind cybernetics, it turns out cryogenics won out after all.

It wasn't out of line; after all, we'd seen preservation techniques going back as far as Fallout 3 in, ironically enough, Vault 112, otherwise known as the Tranquility Lane vault. Plus, Mr. House over in New Vegas was using something vaguely similar, though it didn't seem to work near so well given that House in the pod looked like a dessicated monstrosity rather than something a Mr. Handy would recognize.  But with Vault 111 and Vault 112 employing similar preservation methods, that's not so surprising after all.

Those concerned about spoilers, meanwhile, need not be. With a comparatively minor point like this divulged, we still have lots of questions going in based on just what we've seen so far. For instance, what's the deal with that thing in the concept art that looks like a ghoul dressed like a pirate? Will there be aliens in this round as well? How did we even get into the Vault in the first place when a nuclear bomb went off while we were milling around the entrance exchanging what might well have been our last I-love-yous with our in-game family? What happened to that baby? There's a lot to wonder about.

But this is, in the end, just part of the fun. We've got a whole lot of content awaiting us, and with just over three months until release, plenty more to look forward to until the release of Fallout 4, and a whole lot of content--even some quest mods, before too much longer!--starts up in earnest.

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