Keyboard and Mouse for Xbox One May Be Coming Soon

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Keyboard and Mouse for Xbox One May Be Coming Soon

While console gamers and PC gamers have been somewhat at odds of late, there are some surprising interminglings that make these two seemingly disparate groups more similar than some might expect. A new development coming fairly soon to Xbox One will narrow the gap still further, as support for keyboard and mouse is "not far away."

The word about the new control scheme came from Microsoft's Phil Spencer, who hit Twitter with the news. Though there was already keyboard support for Xbox One, according to reports, the move will mean official support for the devices, without the need for adapters, end runs, or anything similar.

Spencer reportedly also noted a possibility of streaming a Windows 10 PC to the Xbox One, and also the Xbox team is said to be working on the reverse as well, where the Xbox One's content can be streamed to a PC, a feature that will reportedly go live when Windows 10 does.

Having gamed on PC before, and having largely switched to console since thanks to the greater simplicity and ease of use--I've long since had enough of adjusting settings and checking box specs before buying a piece of software--I can say that there's not much I miss about the PC gaming experience. Sure, there are games I'd love to see migrate to consoles that are playable on PC. "Rust," for one, or "DayZ," which I'm told is happening Real Soon Now, if ever. Plenty of others are on hand, but don't look like they'll ever make that leap. I certainly don't miss the keyboard-and-mouse control scheme for games, but after using the Xbox One for a while now, there are some situations where a keyboard would be handy. Particularly when it comes to extra stuff like Netflix and YouTube.

I absolutely love having YouTube on the Xbox One. It's a great experience, it lets me watch all the great Vine compilations and Gifs with Sound videos and Creepypasta readings on the big screen like anything else. But finding the video I want using the Xbox One controller can be cumbersome. A keyboard would boost my search speed like nobody's business. Though admittedly I could just link a laptop and work that way, it's still a little bit of a burden.

The only real problem with the idea is that the keyboard and mouse would both pretty much have to be wireless. We're talking about a living room project here, which means we're several feet away from the display device and even from the computing device. We need wireless components to bridge the gap twixt couch and Xbox One; corded gear just isn't going to cut it. But with a little work, wireless mouse and keyboard support should be pretty easily added in, and thus provide a powerful new tool. I'd certainly put my current keyboard to work, though hopefully I wouldn't have to buy an Xbox-specific keyboard and mouse.

Still, this could be good news for Microsoft users, and though it isn't likely to get many users out of Sony's camp, it's likely to be a positive change all the same.

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